Video transcript: Brendan Logan



My name is, Brendan Logan, I'm a Senior Manager with the Department of Primary Industries, with the New South Wales State Government.

My main role is to lead, plan and direct, the operations of the Tweed River Entrance Sand Bypass Project.

I was very lucky at the start of my career, I got a job with BHP Billiton's Technology Division in Newcastle New South Wales, that had a heavy focus on ground breaking research into Nickel and Titanium technologies. The move from mining back to coastal management, kind of presented itself, I was quite happy in mining, working on very interesting stuff, but I always saw the end of my career being on the North Coast of New South Wales, working in some sort of coastal management, community related role, so when the opportunity came up I had to take it.

The two main things I enjoy about this industry, 1 is the diversity, I mean there a no two days the same. I have a team in Sydney, a team in Brisbane, a team on the north coast, a team on site here, and interacting with them always makes the days interesting.

The 2nd thing I enjoy most is the outcomes are tangible, this isn't just a project that runs for the sake of it, it actually delivers, tangible, economic and social benefits to the Northern New South Wales and Southern Gold Coast communities.

I started my university experience in 1998 by doing a degree in coastal management and applied science at Southern Cross University in Lismore. From there I finished in 2001 and went to the workforce with BHP Billiton, left BHP in 2003 to do a years worth of honours study, and then went back to BHP after that. Come the start of 2006 I was offered a PHD scholarship, again at Southern Cross University in Lismore and that kept me busy till about mid 2009, when I left and joined the UGM group.

The main advice I'd give to any high school student that's considering university is don't hesitate, go and do it. The combination of life skills and knowledge you get from your degree, all those things, you can't not come about a better person by doing your degree, and now that I'm very clear that senior management roles are my career path, there's no doubt that undertaking that postgrad work is what helped develop those skills.

I'm Brendan Logan, and that's my story.