Video Transcript: Canditta Gorry



My name is Canditta Gorry, my position is Program Facilitator in the community services team and my program is the drug offenders intervention treatment program and my organisation is Lives Lived Well.

My main role at Lives Lived Well is community services outreach, so we'll go out to a men's prison on the outskirts of Brisbane and deliver a four-week twelve-session psycho education cognitive behavioural therapy programme.

I first began my career as a student on placement I was fortunate enough to gain casual employment at one of our sister rehabs, Logan House.

What I enjoy most about the industry is touching base with my clients, checking in and seeing how they are going, monitoring their progress and seeing the success stories at the end.

I studied a Bachelor of Social Welfare at the Beachside campus on the Gold Coast and I studied it for three years.

The highlight of university for me would have to be the lectures and my tutors and this is because they have so much knowledge and experience in the field they made it exciting and they made it fun.

My study format, I did it part time, but because of that summer semester I was able to still complete it in the allocated three years which was fantastic for me because I was still able to work and meet all my other commitments.

University has helped me in my career immensely I have gained employment before graduating which was huge for me and now that I have graduated and have my degree it's open doors into the Master degree for Social Welfare which I'm carrying on to do next month.

I'm Canditta Gorry, and that's my story.