Video transcript: Conan Bland



My name is Conan Bland, I am a Senior School Teacher at The Southport School.

I have three roles on top of my teaching role.  That is; director of cadets, assistant house master of a vertical boarding house and as the ed support coordinator looking after all the students with additional needs.

We do a number of camps, and they're outdoor educational based activities with a military theme, but you can make them really fun and enjoyable for the kids and to see them having such a good time in a unique environment is really rewarding.

I completed a Bachelor of Human Movement Science and a Bachelor of Education which is a double degree, it was for 5 years and I studied at Lismore campus.

My advice would be that you've got to know what your strengths are and you've got to identify where your passions are as well.  If you can identify what you are good at and identify what you are interested in then you are going to identify what degree that is going to suit you and that's going to basically lead towards a successful career.

I knew what I wanted to do, I knew I wanted to do an education degree, I knew I wanted to be a teacher but at the end of the day the university had to live up to its end of the bargain and keep the subject matter interesting.  And I was lucky enough where it kept me engaged and it kept me interested and I finished my degree because I enjoyed it.

I'm Conan Bland and that's my story.