Video transcript: Corelle Forster

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My name is Corelle Forster, I'm studying a Bachelor of Civil Engineering with Honours at Southern Cross University.

The thing we like about Southern Cross University is the fact that we have a beach on one side, we live on the rivers, it's so close to so many opportunities and things like that, so its easy to drive to, easy to access you can even live on campus if you like.

Southern Cross Uni campus for Engineering students is fantastic. We have a brand new learning centre which is being built for us, and we also have a brand new Engineering building which is double story with state of the art labs and all the equipment you can think of.

I'm currently employed as an undergraduate engineer.  I've been very very fortunate that I've been able to land a job locally.  Working has been fantastic with the learning because everything I learn I get to put into practice, which is great.

If there's anything I can pass on as far as accomplishing or achieving anything it's give it a go.  It's try do something and try start learning something and don't be afraid of a no answer.  If you ask somebody something and they tell you no, they're not telling you no you can never do it, they're just telling you not yet, or find another path so keep at it and give it a go.

I'm Corelle Forester and that's my story.