Video Transcript: Ed McGlynn



Hi my name's Ed McGlynn. I'm a third year student studying a Bachelor or Podiatry at Southern Cross University Gold Coast campus.

Before I studied podiatry I was working in IT and I wanted to work with people and help people and I also love my sport and my running. So I thought I could combine those and make the course more relevant to me and make the learning a lot more interesting along the way.

The course format is very mixed which keeps it interesting it's lectures and tutorials there's a few online subjects so you don't have to be on campus all the time.You get to work in the clinic with patients and we also get to work in the orthotics lab so it's very hands on.

What I like about the SCU campus is its chilled out and relaxed which is perfect for my way of studying Its so close to the beach all the students are really friendly and all the facilities are up to date and modern.

So in 2015 I competed for Southern Cross University at the Gold Coast Airport Marathon 10 kilometre race and I luckily came first out of the university, it was good fun.They set up a lot of fun events and barbecues and yeah it was good to see a whole bunch of Southern Cross University students compete on the day.

The advice I'd give to someone who wanted to have a career change and come back to University is that the Gold Coast Campus is the perfect place to do that.They've got study skills and essay skills courses which gets you back into the swing of things and make you more confident in study.

I'm Ed McGlynn and that's what story.