Video transcript: Jake Carroll

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My name is Jake Carroll, I'm the senior ICT manager of research at the Queensland Brain Institute, I work for The University of Queensland.

My main role, at the Queensland Brain Institute, is the strategic governance and operational oversight of everything involving IT. Including achieving operational and research outcomes.

I think, what I enjoy about the industry I'm in at the moment, in what is effectively research computing, is the innovation that it brings, the fact that everyday there is a multitude of challenges which no one has ever had an answer to before, there isn't yet a solution to deal with the things we deal with at the scale we deal with. That's what keeps me into it.

The course I studied at Southern Cross University was a Bachelor of Information Technology and that was at Lismore campus and that was for three years. I then kind of finished that and realised, yep I was happy with that, and I realised that the dotcom bubble had burst. That was in the kind of mid 2000s. And that was a bit disappointing to say the least, so I then thought, you know what, I'm going to do my honours degree. And that was more concerned with computer science, working in computer interaction studies. And I did that at Lismore campus as well, and that lasted a year.

One of the highlights of uni for me was, and I look back on it and think this is kind of something I would have never said before, but as geeks and nerds we're not typically painted as very social people. But honestly it's probably the comradery that got formed out of the crew from the school of multimedia and information technology and several of those guys I still keep in touch with today, in fact several of those guys now are senior leaders in technology in this state. In similar places to me, so we all keep together.

The advice I would give to a high school student who is considering university at the moment is it's a bridge, it's definitely a powerful means to an end. And I think it's a gateway for you and with knowledge obviously comes opportunity and I believe you should take it with open arms.

I'm Jake Carroll, and that's my story.