Video transcript: Leanne Reeves



My role currently is National Account Manager and I'm employed by Qantas Airways and I've been in that role for just over 12 months.

The key focus of my role is to manage the business partnership between Qantas and key travel agency partners. I'm part of the agency partnerships team.

I studied a Bachelor of Business in Tourism degree through Southern Cross University. I think I was really fortunate in my situation that I actually completed the degree as an external student while I was already working in my chosen field. So I knew that I wanted to work in Travel and Tourism, and I studied while I was working. So I was able to put a lot of the learnings from the degree into place in my day to day work life. I had a fantastic experience overall during the time I studied at Southern Cross University.

And just the flexibility that was available as an external student was really important to me.

I was involved in a one semester exchange program program to Hull in the UK, to the University of Humberside. It was a really fantastic opportunity to study in another country, and gain some insight into the tourism industry over there.

My one key tip would be never give up and never take no for an answer. If there's something that you're really passionate about doing and you want to achieve, there's more than one way to do it. And I think my pathway that I've taken through work and also through study is a good example of that.