Video transcript: Mitchell Turner




My name is Mitchell Turner I am a senior registered nurse here at St Vincent's emergency department. I'm also a resuscitation accredited nurse.

I'm working in resus which is a three bedded bay here in emergency. We look after the critically ill patients that come in - the stabbings, the shootings, the heart attacks, anything that you think is possible, down to working in a team of three. I'm team leader looking after two other nurses, caring for eight individual patients, liaising with the in charge, the bosses and also the patients and my team members, to make sure the patient gets the adequate care and into the ward as quick as possible, or even home.

Some advice that I can give you is to jump straight into University. Personally its worked wonders for me. I've come out into practice and now I'm three years out and I'm working in one of the best hospitals in Australia.

I'm Mitchell Turner and that's is my story.