Video transcript: Moesha Johnson


My name is Moesha Johnson and I'm studying Biomedical Science at Southern Cross University on the Gold Coast campus.I chose to study Biomedical Science because I want to be a surgeon someday. This is the best pathway I can take to get there.

I have really, really enjoyed doing this course so far. It's just been super eye-opening, super fascinating, just learning about my body, just learning about how I think and process my thoughts. It's just all super relevant and really interesting. The study course format for me is generally an online lecture then I come in to do a tutorial or a practical lab session and I have even done a class by distance education this semester.

Some of my favourite aspects of being a university student is the learning and how it's all catered to you, it's flexible and how everyone around you is just wanting to learn and are just as enthusiastic about what they are learning.

Well my swimming career: I have been swimming since I was a baby. Some of my successes have been in 2014 I represented Australia twice. Since then I have gone on to swim at Australian Open's short course and I have won some seconds. This year I competed in the Olympic trials and I came fifth. From here, what I want to do is eventually make a senior team and hopefully that will come around in 2018 for the Commonwealth Games.

What I like about SCU is first of all its location it's just amazing. Second of all I just love the teachers, they are all super enthusiastic and just involved in how you learn and getting you to where you want to be. I just love the vibe the campus has. It's super young, super energetic and everyone is just really motivated.

I am Moesha Johnson and that's my story.