Video transcript: Rhys Paddison



My name is Rhys Paddison. I am currently studying the Bachelor of Nursing degree at Southern Cross Uni's Gold Coast campus.

I chose this course because I am really interested in Health Science, especially the human anatomy. I've enjoyed this course immensely so far.

I've had so much practical experience. I've gained so many new friends and the facilities are the state of the art, which is really awesome.

The course study format for me is a scattering of tutorials, a minimal amount of lectures, a lot of practical experience and you get your fair share of online subjects as well.

My favourite aspect of being a university student would definitely having my degree in my hands at the end of my course. I am really interested in getting it done so I can start my career.

What I like about Southern Cross University's Gold Coast campus is that it's got brand new facilities and a great location.

The social scene on campus is really good. You've got your friends always around you.

There's the Study Hall which is always really packed and Southern Cross Tavern is just down the road so everyone always heads down there.

During the semester I come to University. I have a few tutorials and lectures but currently, during the prac, I have to get up, go to the hospital, go home and then do a few assignment works of an evening.

Honestly, during high school I wasn't thinking about university. I was thinking about just going out and getting a job and getting paid as fast as possible. But now, two out of three years of my degree, I would seriously advise anybody in high school to head to university because it is one of the best experiences you can ever get.

I'm Rhys Patterson and that's my story.