Video transcript: Rick Neale



My name is Rick Neale and I'm studying Civil Engineering at Southern Cross University Lismore.

I'm two years into my course, and the degree takes four years to complete.

I chose a Civil Engineering degree because my grandpa is an engineer and he inspired me to learn the discipline and also I believe that engineering advances society.

I've enjoyed the Civil Engineering degree, it is really difficult but there's a lot of enjoyment when you start learning about the design aspects of Civil Engineering.

The course format is really good.  You have lectures four times a week followed by a tutorial which gives you the opportunity to talk to your lecturer about anything that you're having trouble with.

My favourite aspect about being a civil engineering student is the freedom at university, meeting new people and challenging myself to see what I can achieve.

The main things I like about Southern Cross University are the brand new facilities here in engineering and the support network that you have if you are struggling mathematics or writing essays there's always someone to help out.

The campus here at Southern Cross University is really good.  You've got a gym, a pool, we've got a Unibar and there's always something happening on down at the plaza whether it be music, live music or games.  Meeting new people all the time and there's always a group mentality to help each other out to get through the course.

Because we're so close to Byron Bay, being only 45 minutes away, the boys can go for a surf in the morning and we can go hang out there of a night and have a good time.

My advice would be to just start studying something that's the sooner you start the sooner you're exposing yourself to different people and different aspects of life and you start to figure out what you enjoy and where you want to go.

Recently I got a scholarship to go to China and over in China we learnt about the language the culture and we learnt how the Chinese people do business and how they manage Civil Engineering projects.

My name's Rick Neale and that's my story.