Video transcript: Teela Barker


My name is Teela Barker, I study a Bachelor of Indigenous Studies, majoring in Education at Southern Cross Uni Lismore.

I decided to do a Bachelor of Indigenous Studies cause I am indigenous myself, I'm local from the area in the Bundjalung Tribe at Evans Head, and I just have a general interest in it and I like to be around other people that are interested in the indigenous culture.

I really enjoy the course, it's interesting that there's a lot of international students in there, so I've made quite good friends with a guy from Canada and another girl from New Zealand, she's Maori, so it's really interesting to speak about the way the different indigenous cultures are treated around the world and how they have different customs as well, like its just all really interesting and it's a rewarding experience as well to listen to them.

Preparing For Success program is a program that prepares you for university pretty much, so you get familiar with the library, the data bases, how to find information in the library, because there's a lot of different areas where you can find different things. You get taught about referencing, just the general location of everything in the uni, it can be really hard when your new to find your way around. And you also get to meet some people, so some of the people that you do Preparing For Success with might actually move onto your bachelor course with you and you've already made friends.

Oh I really like a lot of things about the Lismore campus, it's set in a really nice area, it's really green there's lots of lakes and wildlife around, we have the friends of the koala, so there's a koala park, we have a herb garden, there's lots of social events, trivia nights, Mexican nights, open mic nights as well, yeah there's just lots of things, there's always something to do.

If there's one piece of advice it would be to just go out and do it. If you've got a dream chase it, once you get here I'm not going to say it's easy, it's quite hard, but there's so much support around you, you just need to utilise it. I've had tutors as well and that was really, really rewarding.

AIME is the Australian Indigenous Mentoring Experience, it was started in 2005 down in Sydney Uni, it's a program that aids at helping indigenous high school kids transition through the years. We do stuff about respect, identities, and drama and art sessions, which help the kids come out of their shell a little bit and we tell them that if they have a dream and they want to do it, they need to pursue it but we will be with them every step of the way.

My role with AIME involves being a program manager assistant, so Pat Orme is the manager here at Lismore, I help him with organising outreach days, contacting teachers, tutor squads at schools as well, which are kind of like homework clubs and I'm also a casual national presenter, so I can travel around the country and present to kids wherever there's an AIME base.

I'm Teela Barker, and that's my story.