Video Transcript: Thomas Lynch


My name is Tom Lynch. I work at Kay & Hughes Arts & Entertainment lawyers in Surry Hills and I am a junior solicitor.
So basically I'm a lawyer.

The thing I like most about the legal industry is that it touches every aspect of our lives. I like it because itsso dynamic... I like the fact that you never get stale. The thing I most look forward to every day is not knowing what I'm gonna get in front of me.

I get to work with new people every day with new and interesting cases and matters.So I get to work in art and entertainment law and the thing I love most about that industry is that it combines my passions of music and art with my passion for the law.

When I first started studying music and law I thought it was black and white one or the other but I soon found there was lot over overlap especially in intellectual propertylaw and in commercial law in contracts and I soon found that I wanted to be able to develop those skills and use that to help other artists andother musicians in their commercial dealings and protect their art.

Some good advice I can give to any law student is to really get involved in networking groups such as the Southern CrossUniversity law society. That can really lay a good foundation for your networking and social life and skills really really important especially when it comes to a city like Sydney. So now my legal offices are in Surry Hills and I live just up the road in Redfern.So I get to walk to work 10 minutes 15 minutes every day and I don't have to sit in traffic.
I love it.