Video Transcript: Tim Pocock


My name is Tim Pocock I work for L'Oréal Australia with Giorgio Armani and I am the Senior Product Manager here.

I started out at University of Southern Cross in Lismore, studying a Bachelor of Business majoring in marketing, which was a fantastic degree. I spent the last year of that degree studying online when I moved on to Melbourne and I made the change to move to Melbourne was getting myself ready for a career and a job to make sure I could get into the industry. When I moved down to Melbourne I was working at General Pants and working in General Pants was in retail and really taught me the importance of networking and meeting people and keeping your ears and eyes open for opportunities all the time.

One particular day I was serving a customer who came in and he was there buying something for the weekend and we got chatting. He found out that I was in marketing, just finished my marketing degree and wanted to get my step into the industry. He really helped me out there and actually got me into the ad agency that he was the head creative director at. I think that was a real true lesson that I always reflect on and look back on: take every opportunity as an opportunity within your career and you never know who you're going to meet and where that's going to take you.

Since then I've actually work in advertising agencies for a few years and making the change from an ad agency to L'Oréal Australia was a big difference, ad agencies being a little bit more free flowing, a little bit more day to day, whatever happens can sort of happen, whereas L'Oréal Australia is very big corporate industry, in a much different style of marketing to see. I've been here for three years and really enjoy that every day is different. The job is very fast paced, there is a lot of deadlines to meet but it's a lot of fun at the same time. The future for me sees an international career. I want to take what I'm doing currently my role overseas and do it in another market. I think that's a really exciting opportunity working for L'Oréal Australia.

I think for anyone thinking of going to university, just do it and the thing is just start. You need a degree and that will take you on a journey need to go on. If you don't get into the right degree at the start it doesn't matter you can always change and do something different and that's the quite amazing thing about University, it's always evolving and changing. For example, I signed up for a Bachelor of Business majoring in Accounting. I came out with a Bachelor of Business majoring in Marketing. Two totally different sides of Business but both started in the same position.

I'm Tim Pocock, this is my story.