About Technology Services

On behalf of the staff of Technology Services I would like to extend a warm welcome.

I hope you will find our approach to be helpful and supportive as we endeavour to provide you with the technology services and support to underpin your study, research and administrative needs.

We rely heavily on your feedback in the continual improvement of our services and support and so I encourage you to participate in the questionnaire or survey activities we undertake from time to time. General feedback can be submitted via our or our feedback form.

Director, Technology Services

Technology Services is responsible for advice and support on information technology and communications to Southern Cross University and its partners. We provide a high level of technical expertise and leadership to support the development, implementation and ongoing support of information systems and services.

Our mission is to assist Southern Cross University in achieving its goals through the development and application of cost effective technology solutions and the delivery of recognised quality support services to the University community.

Technology Services teams

Customer Service

The Customer Service Team provides operational support to our staff and students for a range of services including account access (login), general hardware and software support via phone and in-person.

Engagement Teams

The Technology Services Engagement Teams work closely with their specific customers to ensure Technology Services is aligned to their direction and assist their customers to meet their goals. The emphasis is on customer support and assisting the users in getting the best outcome from their IT systems. The Engagement Teams consist of:

  • Student Experience Engagement covering Student System, UCMS, CRM, Syllabus Plus and other student-focused systems.
  • Research and Academic Engagement covering Blackboard, Collaborate, IRMA, MIS, LIMS and other research and academic focussed systems.
  • Administration Engagement covering Finance, HR, Web and other administration focussed systems.

Infrastructure Services

Infrastructure Services support the University by providing core IT infrastructure and services critical to business operations. The primary mission of the Infrastructure Services is to deploy and maintain robust, scalable and agile platforms that enable applications and services to support University operations. The team aims to identify and implement IT initiatives which will better serve the University business goals by improving communications and systems availability. These objectives include improving Infrastructure cost efficiencies, uptime, agility and scalability. Services provided include:

  • Infrastructure management;
  • Campus networks and Internet connectivity;
  • Data centre and resource provisioning;
  • Backup and recovery;
  • TS systems authentication and authorisation;
  • Infrastructure systems and applications;
  • Audiovisual, video conferencing and Mediasite infrastructure.

System Customisation

System Customisation team is made up of 3 areas:

  • Developers which consists of system developers tasked by the Engagement Teams to continually improve systems to better meet the needs of our customers.
  • Technical Support team manage the system environments and upgrades to the applications. They work closely with the TS Infrastructure Services to keep the systems up and running efficiently. They also manage the databases and test the systems
  • MIS is aimed at improving the quality of information available to management team members to aid better decision making.