Current projects

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AV Refresh & standardisation

A program of work to ensure critical lecture, event and content room delivery systems remain usable and reliable.

Mic Assim

Blackboard SaaS

Software as a Service (SaaS) is the next evolution of cloud delivered services and affords the University greater flexibility in the delivery of our learning management system, Blackboard. A SaaS model allows SCU to deliver maintenance, updates, and fixes to production faster than ever before, and the cloud platform easily scales during periods of high usage it also allows Blackboard to deliver enhancements and new features faster, so SCU can have the latest and greatest features without the wait for annual upgrades. 

Schelly Gardiner

Call Centre System Replacement

Replacement of the ageing call centre system with a system that is modern, scalable and reliable that will deliver new call centre features to improve the students’ service experience.

Kim  Bennett

CHEC Data Centre Risk Mitigation

Migration of the services for all partners at the Coffs Harbour campus into the new data centre and the decommissioning of the old data centre.

Luke Walford

Cybersecurity Review

Cyber threats are now one of the major risks faced by businesses, it is essential the University maintains an ongoing independent review and measurement of its security posture and risks in order to appropriately assess, priorities and baseline the University’s cyber security posture against relevant industry standards to deliver cyber resilience to proactively reduce business risks & manage current and emerging security incidents and threats.

Luke Walford

Document/Records Management System

Implementation of a corporate Document records management system to enable SCU to effectively manage corporate records in a single enterprise solution that supports legislative, regulatory and policy obligations.

Mary-Louise Angwin

Email Security

The majority of malicious cyber security exploits enter via the University’s email service. As a result strong email security is a critical defence component of an overall strong cyber security strategy. This project will implement additional security to reduce the risk of cyber security attacks via the email gateway.

Glen Ramsay

Enterprise Password Storage

Provision of a secure, robust and flexible solution for centrally storing and managing the many password credentials for Technology Services.

Glen Ramsay

Equitrac Pay Stations

Installation of three new Managed Print Service (Equitrac) cash credit loading units that accept the new $5 and $10 notes.  These are replacing end-of-life units that were starting to fail.  They will complement the pilot unit installed at Coffs campus in 2017. The University is committed to ensuring the best experience for students and these new units have five years warranty.  

Mick Bowen

Infrastructure Asset Management

An Infrastructure asset refresh program to maintain operational efficiency and effectiveness, overcome security vulnerabilities, and maintain a stable/reliable production infrastructure environment.

Luke Walford

Integration Platform as a Service

Delivery of a suite of cloud services that will enable data integration between any combination of on premise and cloud-based processes, services, applications and data within the University.

Geoff Muldoon

IP Address space management (IPAM)

Delivery of an IPAM system will enable Technology Services to register, monitor and control the management of IP addresses. IP addresses are an integral part of any corporate network, essential for the operation of all network connected devices. SCU has some 5000+ devices connected to the network regularly and the numbers are only set to grow significantly.

Michael Lymbery


To enable compliance by SCU with the ERA 2018 Submission Guidelines.

Mitch Jones


Replacement of the the legacy LIMS system with the LIMS 1 solution delivered by Ltech.

Mitch Jones

MIS Cognos upgrade to V11

The upgrade of the Management Information System (MIS) to Cognos version 11 as the current version is expiring. The new version delivers improved functionality & greater flexibility for users to access additional data sources.

Geoff Muldoon

My eQualifications

Implementation of the Student Management My eQuals Digital Student Data solution to enable SCU to participate in a collaborative and systematised national approach to managing digital student academic data both as an end in itself as well as providing a staging point for global participation.

Naomi Downs

Online Payment Solution

A cloud based web application to receive payments on behalf of the University. This hosted, modern, scalable & reliable payment gateway will improve:

  • the student experience and create an easy way of receiving payments online;
  • Online giving avenues.

The service will be rolled out progressively with the initial focus being on Alumni.

Daniel Perritt

Same Sign On and Forgotten Password

An initiative to improve the user experience by converging commonly accessed systems to a single password solution and to provide a self-service forgotten password solution.

Luke Walford

Syllabus Plus (Phase 2 & 3)

To implement additional products from the Vendor (Scientia) of the Syllabus Plus timetabling solution:

  • Resource Booker for the management of room bookings for Teaching & Learning spaces and video conference bookings across campus locations;
  • Publish for class & exam timetable reporting;
  • Exam Scheduler for the delivery of exam schedules to staff and students.

Elaine Booth-Barker

Technology One SaaS

Transition the TechnologyOne Student and Finance System from the current on premise solution to a Software as a Service solution using vendor services provided by TechnologyOne.

Mary-Louise Angwin

Transparency of High Education Admissions

Streamline the student application process in order to improve the student experience.

Naomi Downs

Web Content Management (CMS) - Phase II

Decommissioning of the CMS websys system that has been replaced with the Terminal 4 CMS cloud-based system

Kim Overton