Current projects

ProjectDescriptionTS Contact

Student and Finance Systems migration to Cloud (TechnologyOne Platform)

Transition the TechnologyOne Student and Finance System from the current on-premise solution to a Software as a Service solution using vendor services provided by TechnologyOne.

Erin Stubbs

Online Payments Phase 2 (Invoiced & International Payments)

A cloud-based web application to receive payments on behalf of the University. This hosted modern, scalable & reliable payment gateway that will improve the student experience and create an easy way of receiving payments online including overseas payments & recurring payments.
This service is being rolled out progressively & commenced with the Giving platform in 2018.

Elaine Booth-Barker

Call Centre System Replacement - SERT & integration phases

Roll out of the Cloud Contact Centre for SERT and integration of the solution with MS Dynamics, the Student Management System & the TS Service Desk ticketing system.

Elaine Booth-Barker

Aurion Feed – roles for account provisioning

Data requirements from Aurion for Identity Management.

Daniel Perritt


Replacement of the aged in-house solution with a Software as a Service Solution using Vendor services provided by Acendre.

Elaine Booth-Barker


Replacement of the legacy LIMS system with Ltech LIMS 1 solution.

Schelly Gardner

Mediasite in Cloud – Proof of Concept

Mediasite is a critical system for students to consume University lecture/teaching content and essential to their experience at SCU. The University currently hosts its Mediasite instance on-site which is technically complicated and difficult to support exposing availability, performance and capacity risks. Mediasite content is growing rapidly each year, currently 40TB of content that requires consistent reprovisioning of resources to maintain pace with growth. The proof of concept will investigate the feasibility of hosting the service to reduce risk exposures, provide long term scalability and to enable faster access by the University and students new features more frequently.

Luke Walford

ICT Infrastructure review and cloud strategy consultancy

Cloud services provide credible alternatives to maintaining technology platforms on-site and provide the opportunity to shift away from capital intensive funding models towards a consumption-driven IT resourcing model or optimised IT. Cloud services provide significant levels of automation and switch on services that reduce the level of administrator activity allowing staff to refocus on activities that provide greater value to the University and the student experience using IT.

  • Phase 1 will review the University infrastructure capabilities and services in the context of a progressing towards cloud hosting over 3 – 5 years.
  • Phase 2 will involve a cloud services design, detailed systems discovery, dependency mapping and readiness assessment of all University IT services for cloud transition.
  • Phase 3 will implement the cloud services design and services transition plans.

Luke Walford

Fire Panel to Communications Rooms Fibre Upgrade

Property Services SCU Fire Panel to Communications Rooms Fibre Upgrade.

Michael Lymbery