Staff print, copy, scan

SCU uses the Equitrac system to manage printing, copying and scanning, allowing you to collect your printing from any printer at SCU.

You can print from your own wirelessly connected device or by logging into an SCU computer.

All print jobs are held in a queue for 3 hours called 'Follow You', linked to your SCU computer email account and staff card.

  • Your printing is secure - it is available only by logging in at a printer manually or by swiping your staff card.
  • You can easily print multiple jobs to the queue, then collect them when ready without other peoples printing getting mixed in amongst yours.
  • Paper & cost savings - no more piles of uncollected printing. If you printed unintentionally, just don't select that job on the printer and it will be removed from your queue in 3 hours.
  • Doesn't matter which computer you're logged onto or which printer you use, your login details match & control your printer queue