Supply and replacement of staff computers

Technology Services (TS) provide the University with a centralised procurement process including a full life-cycle supply and replacement service for all computers and laptops (including multi-function devices [print/copy/scan]). This centralised process is more efficient and assists the University to effectively manage its computer fleet and associated costs.

Technology Services will monitor computers for when they are due for replacement and arrange this automatically. However if you need to urgently replace a computer/s before TS makes contact or you have a new staff member starting, please use the Computer Supply and Replacement Application form and email to

The Computer Workstation Policy requires Cost Centres to return old computers when purchasing new computers. Please include the details of the existing asset on the order request if you submit an application to the Service Desk.

Computer and laptop standards apply. The current standard computers available for staff will consist of a Micro desktop computer + 24” monitor, or with Cost Centre Head approval, a 14" laptop with approved accessories, including a standard 24" monitor where necessary. More information and specifications on the standard computer/laptop.

Staff computer supply and replacement process

Technology Services will provide a full supply and replacement process for staff computers. Staff do not need to raise a Purchase Order for a computer purchase or replacement. Technology Services will monitor the Asset Register for computers with expiring warranty and contact the School or Cost Centre in regard to replacement. All computers will be leased for four years and automatically replaced at lease expiry.

Staff can replace a laptop with a desktop computer. However replacing a desktop with a laptop computer requires Head of School or Work Unit approval. No staff member can have both a laptop and a desktop computer, it is one or the other.

For detailed information about asset supply and replacement, visit staff computer supply and replacement FAQ.

If you need to replace a computer before TS makes contact or have a new staff member starting, please use the online Computer Supply and Replacement Application formNote: The form only requires Head of School or Work Unit approval if the request is for an additional computer or a replacement that is more expensive than the existing PC eg. a laptop to replace a desktop PC.

Postgraduate students and adjunct staff computer supply

Technology Services will provide computers for the following Higher Degree Research Training (HDRT) students who are studying full-time:

  • PhD by Research (including staff members who are PhD students)
  • Professional Doctorate (Years 2 and 3 only)
  • Masters by Thesis

Students will have a choice of either a desktop or a laptop. Please note: no optional accessories are provided for a laptop.

All HDRT students will be required to return the computer at the end of the completion of their course, or if their enrolment is cancelled.

Full-time HDRT students who have external funding that requires acquittal can also be supplied with a standard (non-leased/purchased) computer as above, however a funds cost centre account code will be required to allocate this cost to the external funding.

Note: All Masters by coursework and Honours students are to utilise computers in shared spaces such as postgrad rooms, computer labs and the campus Libraries.

Emeritus and Adjunct staff members are not centrally funded by Technology Services for the supply or replacement of computers and peripherals. This cost, if agreed to, is to be covered by the school.

Dell Employee Purchasing Program

As members of the Dell Employee Purchase Program, employees are eligible to save with significant discounts on selected Dell products including PC's, Laptops, Alienware, Monitors, Printers and Projectors.

Supply of tablets and consumable items

The supply of iPads, smartphones, speakers and wireless or ergonomic (for WHS reasons) keyboards and mice, flash drives and external drives should be purchased by the school/cost centre out of their Computer Consumables budget.