Student lab and library software

Technology Services maintains the student use software at all campuses in the libraries and non-school student labs.

Due to the partnership with TAFE and the Coffs Harbour Senior College, the software list at Coffs Harbour will vary to that at other SCU campuses.

The software installed in all Computer labs includes School specific software.

Changes to the student lab and library lab software

If you require any changes or additions to the Standard Operating Environment (SOE) software installed, please forward your request to with the below details.

  1. Software name and version
  2. Software license details (if not site licensed)
  3. In what teaching period is the software required: (S1/S2/S3 or Study Periods 1-6).
  4. Campus and Labs required in (Room / Location / Campus)
  5. Requester's name and contact details
  6. Testers name (if not requester) and contact details
  7. Will the tester be available to test early June?
  8. Any special requirements
  9. Do you use any other software or require any plug-ins to be installed in the labs?

Please note that licensing of any software must be organised before the software is installed. If you are in any doubt regarding the licensing of a piece of software please contact the TS Service Desk.

Early notification will give sufficient time to test (which can be essential) and request any amendments necessary. We do stress that it is the requester's responsibility to test the functionality in the lab environment well prior to the commencement of the teaching period. Lab Support staff will of course, be on hand to assist and correct any problems encountered.