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Marianne Logan
Dr Marianne Logan
BA(NE), GradDipEd(NE), PhD(SCU)
Current Appointment: Lecturer
Organisational Unit: Faculty of Education

Location: B3.32F Gold Coast Campus
Campus: Gold Coast
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Marianne is Partnership Coordinator in the executive of the Sustainability Environment and Arts in Education (SEAE) Research Cluster. Marianne's approach to research (and teaching) is to interrogate and advance socioecology and posthumanism within a science education context, where classical science education is disrupted, and new paradigms are promoted, within the current critical period surrounding climate change. With a posthuman lens all things are entangled rather than humans being perceived as separate from nature. Central to this thinking is how human actions impact Earth’s dynamic systems. Marianne's research and teaching are entwined, demonstrated for example by her research relating to school/university partnership programs in science and technology education. Marianne's research projects seek to inspire and engage young people in their local ecological communities, and connect the students, staff and community with the outside spaces at the university.