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At Southern Cross University, we believe in your possibilities, your potential, and we offer a vibrant teaching, learning, research and cultural environment to help you achieve your goals. 

Relevance and resonance underpin everything we do. Our degree and research courses arise from today, but have their sights firmly on the future. We strive to create change that has a positive impact, from local to global.

Kaliya Alldridge Contemporary Music student and Rolling Stone Scholarship recipient

“The state-of-the-art facilities at Southern Cross Uni and culture surrounding the Northern Rivers is unparalleled. I knew that I would be creating alongside industry experienced teachers and other creative individuals to inspire me and become the best artist I can be. ”

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A better way to learn

The Southern Cross Model is what sets Southern Cross University apart from the rest.

This new academic model allows students to focus on just one or two subjects at once, over a six-week teaching term, before moving on. This enables deeper learning as well as more control over when you study allowing you to create the ideal life balance.

It’s the future of study, with flexibility built-in.

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“"I'm very proud of my university. I love that SCU stands for its community and openly supports and encourages diversity and inclusion. It's very forward-thinking."”

Layla Buckley

Equity and Diversity

Diversity makes us bold, aware, compassionate and better. It pushes us to challenge the status quo. Southern Cross University is committed to being an inclusive and culturally safe work and study environment that values, supports, embraces and benefits from the diversity of its people and communities.

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Pathways for every student

Going straight from school to a degree is one way to start uni, but it’s not the only way. If your child doesn’t achieve the required ATAR to get into their course, the University may recommend they complete a pathway program first.

Southern Cross University has two excellent pathway programs suitable for school leavers. Both are fee-free and develop the skills that students will need at university to be successful. Undertaking a Diploma through SCU College is also an excellent way to commence university.

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My name is Kane Sadjek. I am the co-founder and CEO of HomeGuardian AI and we're an artificial intelligence company. We were able to create an artificial intelligence driven behavioural analysis device. What we effectively do is analyse human behaviour and alert when there's abnormal and notable behaviour that occurs.

My name is Riley, I'm the technology support officer at HomeGuardian. The first time I met Kane, I hopped off my motorbike and walked inside to the office. I pretty much knocked on the door and the first thing I said was "can you guys give me experience in the industry".

He had a folded-up resume with no technical experience written on it at all. He said "you know I'm just started studying at university I'm willing to work for free to get some experience". We put him on and a week later we had to start paying him because he was doing better than half the employees that had 10 years experience on him. That's the kind of person that I wanted on my team.

I actually lived in a small town called Kyogle. I wanted a break from the rural life to sort of get involved with technology. So I started studying software development at Southern Cross University. I was going to start at Lismore campus but I decided to take a jump towards Gold Coast. That was an awesome change for me and it provided a lot of information and useful tools to get started in a job like this.

Southern Cross University is not only really strong in the technical aspects but at the same time they have a really strong nursing and medical arm as well. So you get somebody who has that multi-discipline exposure in how quickly things change in today's day and age you can't be too structured you have to be able to roll with the punches and that's what we get out of Southern Cross University graduates.

Southern Cross University by far creates the best graduates that are ready to hit the ground running on day one and That's Excellent.