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A better way to learn

At Southern Cross University, we have transformed the way study is delivered. The Southern Cross Model delivers a deeper, immersive learning experience for students centred on greater interactivity and connection with real-world applications. The shorter, more focused six-week unit structure gives students a greater sense of momentum and motivation as they achieve milestones quickly. Student success rates, overall grades and teacher satisfaction have all increased under the Southern Cross Model. By joining Southern Cross, you are part of a better way to learn.

How it works  |  Top tips for studying in the Southern Cross Model

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What's it like studying in the Southern Cross Model?

Whether it's a more manageable workload, a deeper learning experience or a structure that keeps you motivated, these four students are all enjoying a better way to learn.

How does it work?

  • There are six terms of six teaching weeks per academic year, with a two week break between terms
  • A full-time student will typically study eight units in a year – with only two units per term over four consecutive terms
  • The shorter teaching term and more focused structure enables students to attain their learning outcomes more quickly
  • A minimum of six units and a maximum of 12 units per year in a full-time study load
  • Depending on your course, you may take a term off when you need to, or do more study when you can
  • Lectures are a thing of the past - students will be engaged in active, interactive and discussion-based learning.
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  • Enrol in one or two units per Term
  • The standard full-time study load is eight units per year
  • Final assessments may be due on Monday of week 7
  • Orientation at the start of Terms
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What are the benefits?

Six-week Terms

The academic year is divided into six Terms of six weeks each. Complete one or two units in a Term with a two-week break between each Term.

Higher grades

Since the Southern Cross Model was implemented, our students have achieved higher grades than ever before. Average student GPAs increased considerably between 2019-2023.

Immersive learning

Focus on just one or two units each Term for an immersive study experience. Develop your understanding and skills through curated content, workshops and tutorials.

Enjoy your studies more

More students complete their units successfully in the Southern Cross Model. It’s a better, and more enjoyable way to learn. Unit completion rate increased 17% between 2019-2023.

You’re in control

With flexible learning, the Southern Cross Model works with you in juggling all your other commitments – family, work, sport, friends, travel!

Still got questions?

If you have questions about the Southern Cross Model, please email