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Sport, Health and Wellbeing

Under the banner of ‘Sport, Health and Wellbeing’ UniLife programs and services include everything from recreational trips and team sports, to cheering on elite athletes and peers at student awards.

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Eport is coming to SCU

Esports is Coming to SCU!

Esports is the thrilling world of competitive gaming where skill, strategy, and teamwork come together in a dynamic digital arena. It's a global phenomenon that captivates university students with its high-octane tournaments and offers a unique blend of entertainment, sportsmanship, and community.

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Campus sport

Discover Southern Cross University's vibrant campus sports scene, offering a wide range of activities and opportunities for students' active lifestyles.

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UniLife Campus sport - beach volleyball

National UniSports competitions

Southern Cross University offers opportunities for students to represent the university in regional, national, and international sports competitions.

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National UniSports Competitions

Team SCU sports and events

Team SCU actively participates in community events promoting health, fitness, and wellbeing, welcoming students, staff, alumni, and friends to join.

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Sporting and Community Events

Clubs and societies

Explore the vibrant world of SCU Clubs and Societies under UniLife, offering diverse social and interest-based communities for students.

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Clubs and Societies

Elite athletes and performers

SCU supports elite athletes and performers through the Elite Athlete and Performer Program, offering academic and financial assistance for achieving their goals.

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Elite Athletes and Performers

Recreation trips and tours

SCU's recreational trips and tours offer students, staff, and alumni the opportunity to engage in exciting outdoor activities and connect with others in a fun and friendly environment.

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Awarding excellence

Our Student Excellence Awards are non-academic achievement awards that recognise outstanding students

For students have distinguished themselves in areas of leadership, volunteering, community engagement and sport. Southern Cross also awards a University Medal and a range of other academic awards and prizes each year. No matter your pursuit, we believe achievement deserves recognition.

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Award ceremony with keynote speaker Kate Stroud