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Live Ideas provides opportunities for SCU students and staff to work with community partners for mutual benefit. Part of the Live Ideas program is an online noticeboard where partners can submit opportunities for real-world research, projects, placement or volunteering collaborations with Southern Cross University staff and students.

Anyone can submit a project idea, and any SCU staff or student can apply to join a project. Once your application to join has been approved by the Live Ideas team you will be provided with detailed information on the project and the partner organisation's contact information.

Once you receive all the project information and contact details, it is over to you to bring the collaboration to life! The Live Ideas team is here to help you if you need any assistance.

These Live Ideas information pages include details on joining a Live Ideas project, useful tips for successful collaboration, information on submitting a project and frequently asked questions.

Why has SCU created Live Ideas?

SCU's vision is to enrich communities through the excellence of our graduates and the quality of our teaching and research. Live Ideas was created as a way of further realising our vision.

Live Ideas seeks to:

  • Enable communities to identify their needs as the basis for research and teaching activities;
  • Promote project ideas to staff and students that are ready to start;
  • Streamline the time spent liaising with prospective partners when defining and scoping projects;
  • Provide a publicly accessible noticeboard that is relevant to all disciplines, academic schools, subject areas and possible project ideas;
  • Increase the amount of engagement staff and students have with our communities as part of their teaching, learning and research at SCU
  • Support students and academics engaged in real-world project and problem based learning.