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Live Ideas provides opportunities for Southern Cross University students and staff to work with community partners for mutual benefit. Think real-world research, projects, placements or volunteering collaborations. We've recently re-aligned our program objectives so that Live Ideas is all about 'partnering for purpose'. We believe in creating mutual benefit around ten key impact areas: Social Enterprise, Migrants Refugees and Asylum Seekers, Health and Disability, Community Development, Civic Engagement, Education, Environment, International Development, Social Justice, Social Welfare.

Here is a quick video introduction to Live Ideas which includes information on how to access Live Ideas through the Southern Cross University homepage, how to search and apply for a suitable projects and send enquiries to the Live Ideas team.

Anyone can submit a project idea, and any SCU staff or student can apply to join a project. Once your application to join has been approved by the Live Ideas team you will be provided with detailed information on the project and the partner organisation's contact information.

Once you receive all the project information and contact details, it is over to you to bring the collaboration to life! The Live Ideas team is here to help you if you need any assistance.

Here is a quick video introduction to Live Ideas which includes information on how to access Live Ideas through the Southern Cross University homepage, how to search and apply for a suitable projects and send enquiries to the Live Ideas team.

These Live Ideas information pages include details on joining a Live Ideas project, useful tips for successful collaboration, information on submitting a project and frequently asked questions.

Why has SCU created Live Ideas?

SCU's vision is to enrich communities through the excellence of our graduates and the quality of our teaching and research. Live Ideas was created as a way of further realising our vision.

Live Ideas seeks to:

  • Enable communities to identify their needs as the basis for research and teaching activities;
  • Promote project ideas to staff and students that are ready to start;
  • Streamline the time spent liaising with prospective partners when defining and scoping projects;
  • Provide a publicly accessible noticeboard that is relevant to all disciplines, academic schools, subject areas and possible project ideas;
  • Increase the amount of engagement staff and students have with our communities as part of their teaching, learning and research at SCU
  • Support students and academics engaged in real-world project and problem based learning.


An Introduction to Live Ideas

How to search and apply for a suitable Live Ideas projects. (5:30)

Richard Aitkins

Hi crew, it's Richard here from Southern Cross University's Live Ideas team.

Just recording you a quick video to show you around our Live Ideas website, it's our key 'Partnering for Purpose' initiative here at Southern Cross University and supports students like yourselves to access real-world learning opportunities, hosted by a community partners across the region and across Australia.

This is our landing page which is liveideas.org.au, you can type that into any of any web browser. I use Google Chrome, it's just my preferred browser, you can also use Microsoft Edge or Mozilla Firefox.

Another way to get into this website is through the University's homepage, if you type within the search bar at scu.edu.au, you just type in "Live Ideas", you'll also get another way into our website by accessing Live Ideas here at Southern Cross University.

There's a bit of background information about Live Ideas, why it was created, as well as some really useful frequently asked questions, which can be accessed over here in the menu on the left. These have been split up depending on who the questions relate to so there are some general questions, some for partners, students and Unit Assessors; quite a useful resource for you also.

You can access the Live Ideas website here, or we can go back to the previous page and also click the Live Ideas logo and that will get you back to the same page as well. So now that we're back a landing page, you'll notice we have our 'featured project', the Orange Sky Volunteers project is a great initiative to support homeless people in the region to have access to mobile laundry and shower services.

It's new to the region here but they've been operating nationally for a little while now and that gives you a great idea of what we mean by 'Partnering for Purpose'; we like to support community initiatives which are going to create positive outcomes across our community while also offering great learning opportunities for yourselves as students.

Probably the best place to jump in if you're looking for a project is our 'projects' tab here at the top; and you can see we've been taken through to another part of the website now.

We've got our projects listed here and little summaries of each project in tiles down the right-hand side, as well as some search options down the left which will give you some ideas of projects available in different regions, as well as whether projects require a face-to-face contact or if they are suitable to be worked on remotely, or via telecommuting.

Just a quick note that the projects that you do see listed at the top of the projects tab have been projects that have either been listed very recently through our partner organisations or they've been updated fairly recently, so they might have been a project that we've had for over a year or so and we've had some fresh information for the partner, just to renew that project for you guys as you start the session. Look, there are a number of different pages worth of projects so it might not be that useful just to scroll and look at each one. Another option for you guys is to look specifically for a project relating to a unit of study.

If you are enrolled in our Community Engagement Project unit, which is one of our key units across the University engaging the community, you can type in "COM3001" into the search bar and you'll see a bunch of projects which are listed specifically for your unit of study.

If you see any projects that don't have a pink button, that's because the project is currently under review so unfortunately you won't be able to join them just yet but if you scroll down and you have a look a project you like the look of - so this is an organisation which is based on campus, AIME Mentoring, have a look at the different opportunities available here.

You can actually jump into that project by clicking on the name of the project, which is hyperlinked to the project page, this will give you more information around the project, what's expected, as well as importantly, some benefit there for you guys or students.

If you seem really excited by this stage and you want to join the project, that 'join' button is at the bottom there again, fill out a few of these fields here. Obviously the ones with asterisks next them, you'll have to put your details in, and click 'submit'. We'll then pick up your application and process it, normally within say two to three working days.

If you have any questions at any time when you're accessing Live Ideas, or checking out different projects that are available to you, you can send an enquiry through the online enquiry form here and this will come through and one of our team who will get back to you, again we look to get back to you within two or three days at the outside.

If you have any issues throughout the process, you can also just send us an email directly at liveideas@scu.edu.au and that will come through the same team and we'll be able to try and support you as best as possible with any enquiries that you have.

I hope this has been helpful for you, really looking forward to supporting guys to find your dream project and take part in our partnering for purpose initiative.

Have a great day, bye.

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