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We believe that ideas matter. They are the starting point of world-changing solutions to the key challenges that our communities face today.

Live Ideas is a place for the thinkers, problem-solvers and change-makers. It’s designed to enable industry, community, researchers and educators to activate their ideas and create positive change.


The Impact Forum: Circular Economy

The Impact Forum brought together leading voices to accelerate the development and adoption of circular economy solutions and facilitate new industry connections for businesses.

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Impact Forum

Innovative business opportunities in a circular economy

SCU Buzz host sat down with the experts to discuss how a circular economy differs from waste management, the new business models it can create and how individuals can make a difference.

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Business Bites Podcast Series

A podcast series that discusses, evaluates and explores all the factors that contribute to making a successful business.

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Past Events

Going Circular: Rethinking Plastics in Your Business

Southern Cross University hosted a free webinar in collaboration with the NSW EPA to help small businesses transition their plastic use into a circular economy.

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The Innovate Series: The Business of Waste

Can we build businesses that help regenerate the planet?

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The Business of Waste

The Innovate Series: Navigating IP and Commercialisation

Hear from business leaders who have navigated successful IP and commercialisation journeys and demystify the process and opportunities available to businesses.

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Tutorial and group workshop

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