Environmental Analysis Laboratory - EAL

EAL end-of-year reporting cut-off dates

EAL would like to thank you for your continued support throughout 2023.

The lab will be closed Friday 22 December, 2023. Our regular sample receipting will resume on Tuesday 2 January, 2024.

To enable reporting before the end of the year, please observe the December 2023 cut-off dates.

Fire ant environmental analysis laboratory

Fire Ant Biosecurity Zones

Sending samples from Brisbane, Gatton regions and South Qld

If you are working with organic materials you are legally obliged to check the fire ant biosecurity zones and use fire ant-safe practices before moving them to a new location (Biosecurity Regulation 2016). Please refer to the National Red Imported Fire Ant Eradication Program for more information.

Red imported fire ants (fire ants) are invasive exotic ants that cause serious social, economic, and environmental harm. They are aggressive and have a severe, burning sting. Fire ants are not known to occur in New South Wales, but currently infest a large area of South East Queensland with nests found very close to the border.

Please follow the NSW entry requirements conditions before sending samples to EAL. When EAL receives the samples the packages will be heat treated up to 65.5˚C prior to analysis. We are confident this treatment will not impact your analytical results.

Operating since 1993, EAL is part of Southern Cross University (SCU), located at the Lismore campus.

Along with partner laboratory the Analytical Research Laboratory, EAL sits within the Southern Cross Analytical Research Services unit.

Strong partnerships with ARL - a Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) approved commercial/research facility providing specialist capabilities in applied phytochemistry, crop quality and herbal medicine quality control - and SCU's Special Research Centres, along with EAL's flexibility and capacity to diversify, enables the laboratory to adopt new and innovative techniques as they are developed and tested, through ongoing research.

Management and staff have a strong commitment to quality assurance. EAL holds NATA accreditation for a wide range of tests. All analysis is backed by rigorous quality control procedures, with proven reproducibility through regular proficiency trials. EAL provides world-standard work in the shortest possible time frame, at commercially competitive prices. Full confidentiality and security are provided for all analytical work.

To submit samples to EAL, please refer to the Sample submission page for delivery address, Turn-around times and pricing information.