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Southern Cross University is governed by a Council to which its Chief Executive Officer, the Vice-Chancellor, reports. Council is responsible for the oversight of the University's affairs. The major academic body providing advice to Council on academic matters is the Academic Board.

Chancellor Sandra McPhee AM
Sandra McPhee AM, Chancellor

Southern Cross University is deeply connected with the regions we call home, with a distinctive mission that places students and communities at the centre of our future.

As we continue to navigate through COVID, we remain committed to developing a resilient, adaptive workforce well equipped to meet future challenges, seize opportunities and thrive.

There has never been a more critical time for us to work in concert with local communities, government and industry to create the knowledge and capabilities needed in our regions, the nation and around the world.

This collaboration is central to the purpose of Southern Cross University and one the University Council actively enables, while embracing our core values of collegiality and integrity.

Thank you for visiting the University Council webpages, where you will find comprehensive information about the University's structure, governance and legal framework.

On behalf of the Council of the University, I welcome you to the Southern Cross University community.

Sandra McPhee AM

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How we are governed

The Council is chaired by the Chancellor and has 13 members, including the Chancellor, the Vice-Chancellor, the Chair of the Academic Board, two members appointed by the Minister, four members appointed by Council, three elected staff members and one elected student member.

The Council has overall responsibility to provide leadership, good governance and oversight of the University and are confirmed under the Act.

Southern Cross University Act 1993 Southern Cross University By-Law 2005 Standing Orders - Southern Cross University Council University Council - Statement of Primary Responsibilities Council, Boards and Committees Chart

Chancellor and Chair of Council - Sandra McPhee AM

As one of Australia’s leading business figures with a long and successful history across multiple industries, Sandra McPhee AM was elected by our Council as the fifth Chancellor of Southern Cross University, commencing on 1 July 2021.

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Chancellor Sandra McPhee AM

Members of the University Council

Official Members

Appointed Members

Graduate of the University

Elected Members

Two Members of the Academic Staff

One Member of the Non-Academic Staff

One Student of the University

Contact Council

Council Secretary

Belinda Atkinson

T: +61 2 6620 3186

E: [email protected]

Council Secretariat

Level 1, Rod Treyvaud Building Lismore Campus

T: +61 2 6626 9191

E: [email protected]

Administrative Officer

Tracy Manning

T: +61 2 6626 9191

E: [email protected]