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Today’s students lead tomorrow’s change

At Southern Cross University we strive for excellence. Our game-changing new education models bring a deeper learning experience, improving individual student outcomes and quality of life. We harness the combined forces of compelling research, leading educators and our extraordinary communities to improve the university experience and make a positive impact in the world. Together, we are Transforming Tomorrow. The actions we take today impact all our tomorrows.

Transforming Tomorrow stories

Imagine the best tomorrow

One that comes about as a result of our collective efforts – in science, business, humanities, health, technology and education. One that entwines creativity with commerce, and makes justice and equity a priority.

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A nursing student looking at he camera

A young voice for our rural future

Recipient of a 2022-23 Horizon Scholarship through rural research and development corporation AgriFutures Australia, Luke Austin is an emerging voice for the generation that will inherit a sector currently beset with problems

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Luke Austin at SOUTHSTART

Inspired science brings hope for marine and reef systems

In the era of climate change, Southern Cross University marine scientists, ecologists and oceanographers are turning inspired thinking into brilliant innovation, leading efforts to preserve and restore precious marine environments.

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Marine scientist diving underwater with coral

Solutions in circulation for the war on waste

Southern Cross University is working closely with industry, business, government, environmental groups and communities on ways to activate and accelerate initiatives around waste and the principles of the Circular Economy.

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Dirk Erler posing in front of machinery

The Southern Cross Model

The world is changing and the demands on students are changing too. Drawing on a proud history of thinking and acting boldly, we produced a new way to support them to succeed: the Southern Cross Model. The results are coming in and, increasingly, the world is watching.

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Professor Thomas Roche sitting in front of bookshelf

Sweet success

The Bees for Sustainable Livelihoods research group led by Southern Cross University’s Dr Cooper Schouten is bringing economic and community benefits to the people of the Indo-Pacific, where partnerships and opportunity are more than just a buzzword.

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a group of scu academics stand in front of some bee hives

A novel harvest

Amid growing global demand for crops that provide better nutrition, greater diversity and sustainability, the research of Associate Professor Tobias Kretzschmar holds promise for the growers of the Northern Rivers.

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Tobias-Kretzschmar standing in field

Conducting the school of life

When speaking with John Stewart – Conductor of the Living School in Lismore – it is soon apparent that education means much more than teaching and learning, fundamental though they may be.

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2 children running across a fenced off yard

The other 98 percent

With mental health now a prominent issue in elite sport, Southern Cross University's Associate Professor Christian Swann is co-leading a program that directs the focus into the community. And it is about to reach a global audience.

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An scu academic holds a ball and looks off camera

Transforming university education

The Southern Cross Model is different – immersive, responsive, in tune with the 21st century student. It’s a better way to learn. opportunities.

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A student stands on a balcony at the southern cross Gold Coast campus, she is smiling at the camera

Sailing for climate action

Lisa is a four-time sailing world record holder and citizen scientist on a mission to take community action on climate change around the world with her.

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Southern Cross University alumni Lisa Blair

Strength and spirit prevail for Ronke

Think transformation; think Aderonke Adeniran. In the past three years, Nigerian-born Ronke's life has scaled the heights of aspiration and plumbed the depths of despair. That she has emerged with her spirit intact says so much for her strength and self-belief.

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three students with patient

Leading by example

Southern Cross University graduate Inkah Fischer was on different path in life before finding her vocation in nursing. Now she is a leader in one of the most demanding areas of care – mental health.

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an scu graduate is talking to a college and smiling over her shoulder at the camera

A new Kynd of care

Community need, family experience, and the willingness to take a risk have all contributed to the success and growth of Kynd, the platform for NDIS and disability support founded by Southern Cross University graduate Michael Metcalfe.

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A Southern Cross alumni stands in front of a wooden wall with his arms folded , he is smiling at the camera

A connection through time and place

Months later talk of the flood prevails. Ideas and opinions flow. Memories and emotions pour. Hope springs. Long after the inundation, conversations still hold water, water everywhere.

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A boat travels along Lismore flooded streets

Growth potential

Dr Kate Neale gives people with disability the chance to create flourishing gardens that in turn help them to flourish as individuals.

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A woman in a garden

In defence of Mother Nature

Ecological Jurisprudence is a long title for a challenging concept – the legal rights of nature – and Dr Alessandro Pelizzon is one of its most committed and globally influential advocates.

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A man leaning against a fence in a rural setting - Alessandro Pelizzon

True colours

A sense of belonging is a fundamental human need, which is why Dr Kathomi Gatwiri is determined to bridge the multicultural gap in Australian society.

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A woman standing in front of a wall

Behind the mask

Sally Smith was 37 and the mother of two growing boys when she enrolled as a mature-age nursing student at Southern Cross University in 2015. Today, she is a leader in her profession.

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Sally Smith

Student of the Year 2022 Marian Bailey

Marian Bailey was named the 2022 Student of the Year thanks to the amazing job she did helping out her flood-affected community.

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A woman looking at the camera in front of a large storage shed

Restoring the reef

For marine scientists such as Southern Cross University’s Distinguished Professor Peter Harrison, protecting the Great Barrier Reef is a mission.

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Distinguished Professor Peter Harrison stands on a beach

The Education Equation

While mathematics is the field in which Holly excels, her calling is teaching.

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A teacher stands in front of a class

Seen and heard

A sociologist and Professor of Childhood Studies, whose background is in primary teaching and teacher education, Anne has spent years working for children's rights.

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Professor Anne Graham

Devotion to the ocean

Diving deep, Jordan Ivey is in his element. To one side, across the Pacific, lies Vanuatu, land of his ancestors.

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A researcher holds a piece of coral

Down to earth

The spirit of transformation runs deep in Dr Hanabeth Luke. As Australian agriculture grapples with its future, she is an inspired scientist and educator.

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Dr Hanabeth Luke

Breathing space

Humanihut provides a refuge for refugees; a place for the displaced; and a multi-faceted and superior solution literally under one roof.

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a southern cross alumni stands in front of temporary housing his company makes

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We acknowledge Widjabal Country as the Country where Southern Cross University originated and grew, and from where it continues to grow. It seeded the growth of our Gumbaynggirr Campus in Coffs Harbour, our Yugambeh Campus in Coolangatta and it planted the seeds to transform the Countries we are on.

Understanding our origins will make each step into the future a more purposeful one, leading all to transform tomorrow.

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