Safety and welfare

Ensuring people on campus, online and in our community have a safe and supportive experience.

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A proactive approach to care

Nurturing a safe, supportive and respectful environment is all about care, one of Southern Cross University's most important values.

Caring is the most active form of empathy. It’s about being invested in the wellbeing of others, ensuring their challenges are identified and acted upon and where possible, before they even occur. This proactive approach ensures everyone on campus and in our community has an equal chance to thrive.

Our quick tips for staying safe on campus below are a great place to start.

If you, or someone you know, has had their safety or wellbeing comprised there’s information to help you identify and report safety issues. If you’re unsure and would like to confidently speak with someone to help guide you through your concerns, we have a single number to call.

To cater for our increasingly diverse community, Southern Cross follows the Humankind Framework, focused on reducing inequities and instances of assault or harassment.

If there is an immediate life-threatening emergency to you or another person, please call 000

1800 SC HELP

A single number for all enquiries

Please save this number in your phone and if you ever feel concerned for your own safety or wellbeing, or that of others, don’t hesitate to get in touch: 1800 SC HELP (1800 72 4357).

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Campus Safety

Identifying and reporting safety issues

At Southern Cross University, we are committed to providing a safe and respectful community for our students, staff and visitors in three key ways:

  • Providing a safe and supportive environment for students
  • Preventing sexual assault and sexual harassment
  • Providing and facilitating confidential support for students who report sexual harassment and or sexual assault

Support services offered at Southern Cross University are free and confidential. Accessing these services will not be shown on your academic record, it will not impact any visa status you may hold and will not affect your employment at Southern Cross University

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Southern Cross University has established a Feedback and Complaints Framework to provide for the submission of feedback and the timely and fair resolution of complaints.

The Feedback and Complaints Flowchart and information below on this webpage will help you to decide the appropriate avenue and how to proceed with your feedback or complaint.

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Building on findings from the 2021 National Student Safety Survey, Southern Cross University has developed a Student Safety Action Plan, acknowledging these nationwide findings and ensuring Southern Cross’ safety protocols and resources are in line with and exceed the national standard.

Inclusion, respect and safety of everyone at Southern Cross University is vitally important. Southern Cross is proud to be an active member of the national Respect.Now.Always. campaign that aims to eliminate sexual assault and harassment on Australian campuses.

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Southern Cross University’s incident and hazard management solution, RiskWare, facilitates the online reporting, investigation and actioning of all incidents and hazards.

All staff or students have access to RiskWare using their usual SCU login and password. Any staff or student can log an incident on behalf of someone else, such as a contractor or visitor.

RiskWare information

Quick tips for staying safe on campus

Security office

Report incidents and enquire about lost property at campus security.

Security & support number

Save 1800 SC HELP (1800 72 4357) on your phone.

Student safety

Please keep your contact details up to date in My Enrolment.

Stay alert

Be assertive and where possible try to walk with others, especially at night.