Shared majors give you a choice

Many careers don’t fit neatly into a box; you can have the same flexibility in a degree with a shared major. You might want to study arts, but you're also passionate about helping to solve global environmental challenges. Or perhaps you’re interested in business but also psychology?

Depending on which course you are enrolled in, you may be able to combine more of your interests by choosing a shared major from a wide range of disciplines across the University. A shared major is the equivalent of eight units or one year’s full-time study.

Who says university degrees all have to be the same shape?
Versatility equals opportunity. The more you have to offer, the more industry doors will open.
At Southern Cross University, you can slot in majors from different fields of study to design your perfect degree.
Study your passion, combine your interests, and graduate with a skillset tailor-made for you!
It's time to think outside the box. Design your degree at Southern Cross University.