Your Alumni Community

Your Alumni Community
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As a Southern Cross University alumnus you are part of a vibrant, global community. Southern Cross University alumni occupy key positions across the private, government and community areas in Australia and around the world. We are dedicated to supporting and facilitating a strong and meaningful mutually beneficial relationship between the university and the wider alumni community.

As an alumnus you are connected to all alumni through experiencing the unique education that Southern Cross University has to offer. However, the connection that you have with each other and with the university does not stop at graduation. We invite you to get involved in the life of the university and the alumni community in whatever way you would like to. This may range from partaking of the extensive member benefits program to employing a Southern Cross University graduate, or even further down the track, donating to the university.

Alumni membership is open to all graduates of Southern Cross University and our partner institutions. We very much look forward to staying in touch.