Inherent Requirements

What are Inherent Requirements?

“Inherent requirements are the essential components of a course or unit that demonstrate the abilities, knowledge and skills to achieve the core learning outcomes of the course or unit.”*

Understanding SCU’s inherent requirements enables SCU to better support students towards equitable access and participation in their studies, whilst maintaining the academic integrity of our programs. These requirements must be met by all students.

What do they mean for you as a student?

Having a clear understanding of the skills and attributes that you must demonstrate in order to successfully progress through your chosen course allows you to make an informed choice about your capacity to undertake this study.

This knowledge also provides you with an opportunity to have early discussions with the University if you feel that you may have difficulty meeting, or may need assistance in meeting, the inherent requirements.

Relationship with Reasonable Adjustments

Southern Cross University is committed to providing an accessible and inclusive study environment, free from discrimination, for students with disability. This means that SCU will make reasonable adjustments (for example, changes to assessment methods, curriculum delivery or the provision of assistive technology) to enable a student with a disability to participate in their chosen course on the same basis as a student without a disability, provided that any such adjustments do not compromise the safety or wellbeing of any person and that academic standards are maintained.

If you are experiencing, or anticipate experiencing, difficulty engaging in your studies because of a disability or medical condition (including mental health conditions and temporary conditions) we would encourage you to contact [email protected] to discuss the support options that may be available.

Where can you get help?

If you are concerned about your ability to meet the inherent requirements listed for your chosen course we encourage you to contact your Course Coordinator or Student Access & Inclusion to discuss.

Inherent requirements at Southern Cross University

The inherent requirement is made up of the following five components and domains:

  • Level 1 – introduction to the inherent requirement
  • Level 2 – description of the inherent requirement
  • Level 3 – explanation of why this is an inherent requirement of the course
  • Level 4 – the nature of any adjustments that may be made to allow you to meet the requirement
  • Level 5 – examples of tasks that show you’ve met the requirement. These are examples only and are not a comprehensive list.

Inherent requirements for courses


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Inherent Requirements © University of Western Sydney (UWS) is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Non Commercial Share Alike 4.0 International licence. Southern Cross University’s Inherent Requirement statements were based on the UWS’s Inherent Requirements.

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