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Coffs Harbour students attend Perth psychology conference


21 October 2003
A Southern Cross University psychology student has presented the results of research into study-related anxiety in students at the annual Australian Psychological Society Conference, held in Perth.

Ms Kerrie Dennis was among nine students, in their first, second and third year in the School of Psychology at the Coffs Harbour campus, who attended the conference.

Ms Dennis, who was assisted in her presentation by lecturers Dr Charmaine Daly and Dr Steve Provost, said the experience was very rewarding.

She said it was a great opportunity to meet people in the Psychology field and learn about new research.

"It was great to meet other people and make contacts. It's very rare for students to go to the conference, but when you talk to the Psychologists at the conference they really value having the students there," Ms Dennis said.

"Our lecturers gave us the opportunity and the school really promoted it."

Ms Darah Bartlett, who is also in her third year, said the conference provided the chance to learn more about her area of interest - forensics.

"It gave me a different perspective on how to apply research. It was a fantastic experience," Ms Bartlett said.

The students formed the SCU Psychology Students Society to raise money for the airfares and accommodation and were supported by the Students Association and the university, which paid for the students to attend a number of conference sessions.

Dr Daly and Dr Provost said Kerrie performed magnificently and they were delighted by the level of enthusiasm and support for her from the other students attending.

“The venue in Perth made this an expensive option for students, but SCU was extremely well represented by a group of talented and committed students.”

Caption: Some of the students and staff who attended a psychology conference in Perth are, from back left, Peter Opdenberg, Darah Bartlett, Emily Melbourne and Dr Steve Provost. Front, from left, Kerri Dennis, Belinda Roche and Julie Bennett.

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