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Prestigious national award for medical education goes to member of SCU


15 July 2003

The most prestigious national award for health professional education has
been awarded to the Executive Dean of the Division of Health and Applied
Sciences at Southern Cross University, Professor Jenny Graham.

Professor Graham was presented with the 2003 ANZAME (Australasian and New
Zealand Association for Medical Education) Award for professional
excellence and outstanding achievement in the field of health professional
education, at the ANZAME annual conference dinner in Melbourne on July 6.

Professor Graham was given the award for her sustained achievement and high
profile in medical education and administration, and contribution to the
ANZAME community, in a career spanning 30 years so far.

"The letter advising me of this award came like a bolt out of the blue,"
Professor Graham said.

"I was overwhelmed and delighted," she said. "I feel particularly honoured
when I consider the profiles of previous recipients of ANZAME Achievement
awards, like Professor Bill McCarthy (melanoma expert) at Sydney
University, and Professor David Maddison at Newcastle University, who
blazed new trails and transformed medical education in the 1970s and 1980s."

ANZAME is now the Association for Health Professional Education (not just
medical education), and the focal point for medical and health professions
education in the Western Pacific region.

"Professor Graham has clearly demonstrated a sustained, high-level
commitment to health professional education in Australasia and the South
Pacific region in her distinguished academic career," said Dr Grahame
Feletti, a former director of medical curriculum development at Harvard
University, now a visiting professor at Sydney University, who nominated
Professor Graham for the award.

"Her academic profile not only illustrates the breadth of her involvement
in health sciences but also her successful efforts in forming
academic-community partnerships for health at regional and national levels.

"In her academic life, Jenny continues to apply her strong intellect to the
development and national review of new and relevant courses for health
professionals. Her passion for the promotion of healthy lifestyles and
environments for all Australians is undisputed, and she has been the
driving force of many innovations aimed at collaborative learning and
interdisciplinary teamwork for the health professions."

Professor Graham has held various academic, clinical and management
appointments in Australia and the UK since starting her career as an
Occupational Therapist in 1972. They included Director of the School of
Health and Dean of the Faculty of Health Sciences at the University of
Newcastle (1989-1993), then the University's Pro Vice-Chancellor (External
Relations) from 1993-2001. She became a full Professor in Community Health
in 1995.

Professor Graham has contributed to a number of national and international
associations, including being the first female President of ANZAME
(1995-97). Her focus has been on interprofessional innovation, fostering
dynamic and interactive learning environments, and campaigning for a
stronger emphasis on health promotion and the adoption of an ecological
approach to health and wellness. Her energy and sparkle have provided an
impetus for development and are reflected in her curriculum initiatives
(recognised by significant public health leaders at national and
international levels), and numerous research and development contributions
to health professional education in Australia and overseas.

The ANZAME Award combines three previous ANZAME awards (for Achievement in
Education, Research and Service) and Professor Graham is the inaugural

For more information contact Sara Crowe, Media Liaison, Southern Cross
University, Ph: 02 6620 3144.