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SCU leads the way in Technology Education


9 September 2003
Southern Cross University is leading the way in technology education with a new four-year degree course designed to open up opportunities in project management, research, design, entertainment and film industries and teaching.

Course co-ordinator, Dr Kurt Seemann, said the Bachelor of Technology Education (Honours), course was designed to produce teachers who could develop innovative qualities in their students.

“It has also been designed to produce a rounded technology and design educator with research and other professional skills so the graduates can move in more diverse career circles,” Dr Seemann said.

“It’s the only course in NSW that provides such a full and rich technology teacher experience at university level, making it particularly good for the career minded applicant.”

As part of the course students are involved in a diverse range of subjects, including film production, software development, food technology and textiles, robotics and engineering studies.

In the first year of the course students produce a short movie, which gives them an insight into innovative ways of teaching critical literacy via technology in schools. In the latter part of the course they are required to develop their own research project.

Dr Seemann said the course also provided graduates with management skills.

“We give them the skills to become the head-teacher. Other courses only teach you how to deliver one or two school subjects, but not how to also lead them. We want to train them to take a leadership role.”

While the course has only been running for the last two-years, graduates who came in halfway through have already gained a diverse range of jobs, including technology education research in a Community Aid Abroad project and as a teacher in an exclusive private school in Tasmania, based solely on the leadership, technacy and research skills learned at SCU.

Dr Seemann, who trained as a fighter pilot with the navy, research technologist with CSIRO, school teacher in NSW and has undertaken technology education projects in the Solomon Islands and remote Aboriginal communities, said there was a worldwide shortage of qualified Design and Technology Educators, particularly those trained with depth and breadth in the field.

A seminar for students in Years 10,11 and 12, parents and careers advisors will be held at the Southern Cross University Coffs Harbour campus on Friday, September 19, at 11am. It will be held in the O Block lecture theatre.

Caption: Technology Education student Heath Baker, with camera, discusses a movie project with fellow students, from left, Jess Jeanes, Chris O’Dell, Kai Bruce and Hollie Noble.

For information on the seminar contact Trish Welsh at SCU on 66593654.

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