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The science of aromatherapy revealed


28 November 2003
Southern Cross University (SCU) PhD student Joy Bowles launched two books this week which explore the therapeutic and aesthetic effects
aromatherapy has on the body.

Prior to studying with SCU's School of Natural and Complementary Medicine, Ms Bowles was awarded a BSc (Hons) in biology by Macquarie University in

She then started teaching aromatherapy and self-published a book on aromatherapy's chemical effects on the body. That book, 'The Chemistry of
Aromatherapeutic Oils', has since been taken up by publishers Allen and Unwin and has just been released.

"It's a chemistry text which is intended to take people from the position of knowing nothing about chemistry, through to knowing about the
pharmacology of oils: how they work on the body," Ms Bowles said.

Also in bookshops is Ms Bowles' new book, 'An A-Z of Essential Oils', distributed by Pan MacMillan.

"This one's very different. It's a glossy, very general, entry level text,with some details on how the oils work, but really it's a colourful,
coffee-table book," Ms Bowles said.

Ms Bowles is one year into her three year research into the effects of aromatherapy on Alzheimers patients.

Joy decided to pursue further study at SCU after completing a successful research project investigating the effects of aromatherapy on the agitated behaviours associated with dementia at a residential aged care facility at the central coast. (For results, see

Ms Bowles is co-founder of the Aromatherapy Research Group, a non-not-for-profit business dedicated to examining the effects of essential
oils on human beings for the purposes of improving health.

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