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Southern Cross University secures more than 800 extra Commonwealth-funded places


2 July 2004
Today’s announcement that Southern Cross University will receive an extra 807 Commonwealth-funded University places was a significant boost for higher education in the region, SCU Vice-Chancellor Professor John Rickard said.

The places have been allocated to all three campuses – Lismore, Coffs Harbour and Tweed - and will come on stream between 2005 and 2008.

In the first year SCU will receive 295 places.

They will be available across a range of disciplines including nursing, education, tourism, social science, marine science, human movement and resource management.
Professor Rickard said the extra places would enable SCU to offer more local people the opportunity of undertaking a tertiary degree.

“This is a very real boost for the entire region and I am delighted with the outcome,” he said.

“It is due recognition of the effort Southern Cross University has put into making tertiary education an accessible option for people from this region.”

Professor Rickard said the new places would enable the University to double its enrolment numbers at the Tweed and increase enrolments at Coffs Harbour by about 50 per cent.

“SCU has been committed to significantly increasing the number of students enrolled at the campuses and these places will make a big difference to that.”

Professor Rickard also said it was noteworthy that the number of places achieved was almost triple what the University would expect on a pro-rata national basis.

“Given that just over one per cent of Commonwealth supported tertiary students are enrolled at SCU it is an enormous achievement for the University to secure more than three per cent of the places allocated nationally.”

Professor Rickard said that the allocation also delivered on the Australian Government’s promise to provide young people from rural and regional areas with the opportunity to undertake tertiary study.

“Young people from lower socio-economic areas, such as our region, are sometimes dissuaded from attending University because of the cost so anything which lessens that burden – such as being able to study close to home - will be welcomed by potential students and their families.”

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