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Southern Cross University’s ground breaking plant research on the world stage at Bio2004


4 June 2004
Southern Cross University’s world leading plant research will be showcased to 17,000 delegates at the largest biotechnology meeting in the world.

SCU Pro-Vice Chancellor (Research) Peter Baverstock, Australian Plant DNA Bank Ltd chief executive officer Professor Robert Henry, business manager Steve Williams and curator Nicole Rice will all attend next week’s Bio2004 in San Francisco.

The University’s Australian Plant DNA Bank Ltd and Cellulose Valley Institute will also be guest exhibitors.

Professor Henry will also chair a session on biobanking.

BioBanking is a concept that will play a key role in conserving the world’s biodiversity and in biodiscovery for the food, agricultural and pharmaceutical industries.

The Australian Plant DNA Bank, an initiative of SCU, is a world leading Plant DNA Bank and has already developed strong partnerships in North America, Europe and Asia.

Professor Henry, said they were now looking to extend the concept through the establishment of new biobanks. A biobank is a system for the management of a tailored facility that collects, stores and distributes biological resources. This system incorporates an adaptive data model and developed processes for the management of intellectual property, policy issues, services and maintenance.

“Advances in biotechnology, agriculture, medicine, food and science depend upon capturing and leveraging the properties of the wide variety of individual organisms,” Professor Henry said.

BioBanking is an innovative approach to the conservation and sustainable utilisation of these diverse global genetic resources.

“It offers unique solutions to research and assessment and documentation of the biodiversity in the world’s flora and fauna.

“We are a DNA-based biobanking facility and we want to extend that internationally.

“There is huge potential in biobanking as this is the key to conserving the world’s biodiversity and will contribute to new discoveries in medicine and agriculture.”

For information about biobanks visit the website: or contact Robert Henry on 61 2 66203010 or email [email protected]

For further information: Nigel Tapp (02) 6620 3039 or 0418 431 484