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Time away from the classroom no study barrier for Sandra


1 June 2004
Evans Head mother Sandra Hansen has a very simple message for anyone toying with the idea of returning to study even after many years away from the classroom.

“Do it as soon as you can and don’t be scared,” she said.

Sandra began studying for her Bachelor of Business degree in July last year after nearly two decades away from study and has not looked back.

“I have always worked but was becoming bored. Initially it was hard to sit back down again (and study). While I have not found the work too hard to handle, it is hard finding the time needed,” said the mother of two teenage children.

“You really have to work on time management skills.

“But, this will give me better career opportunities in the future and I am really enjoying the challenge.”

Sandra said she began mid-year after not realising that she would have needed to enrol so early to have started in February.

“When I missed out (on the start of the year) I did not want to have to wait until the beginning of the next year before starting, and it was then that I found out I could enrol mid-year,”

She also found there were actually benefits from a family perspective in her beginning in the middle of the year.

“By the middle of the year things had slowed down a little, with the children back at school and settled, which allowed me to concentrate on the things I needed to do (to prepare).”

Sandra said she toyed with several courses before choosing a business degree.

“I came and saw a Careers Adviser and I found that really helped a lot and would encourage anyone else thinking about going to University to do that.”

This year Sandra has taken a year off from her job at the Ballina High School so she can concentrate on her studies full-time.

And she said having their mother hitting the books had a positive impact on her children’s study habits.

“I think it has set a good example as they see their mother going to school and doing assignments.”

SCU will be offering places in a wide variety of courses to students who wish to begin their University experience in semester two this year.

Anyone interested in applying for a mid-year place should contact SCU immediately on the freecall Application Hotline 1800 626 481.