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Scientists put creative talents on show


Brigid Veale
4 May 2005
Southern Cross University scientists will be putting their creative talents on show at an exhibition featuring works of art inspired by the biological world.

The Vegetative Visions 2 is the second exhibition sponsored by the Centre for Plant Conservation Genetics at Southern Cross University and will be officially opened on Tuesday, May 17 at the Next Art Gallery, Lismore Campus.

The exhibition, featuring works of art and science produced by scientists and artists, is designed to foster a deeper understanding of the intimate relationship between art and science, creativity and systematic analysis, and imagination and reason.

Among the works on display will be digitally enhanced photographs of barley, lupin and mung bean seeds; glass works; acrylic paintings of aquatic life; ceramics inspired by research on starch; drawings of vegetation around the university grounds and sculptural pieces that use found botanical specimens, such as seed pods, as a central theme.

Scientist and artist Ms Loraine Watson said the concept for the exhibition evolved from an appreciation of the aesthetic qualities of many of the scientific illustrations produced by researchers at the university.

"VV2 will include artistic impressions of research results and works of art that have been inspired by some aspect of the biological world," Ms Watson said.

The exhibition will be officially opened at 5pm on Tuesday, May 17, and will be open until May 27 at the Next Art Gallery, Lismore campus.