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SCU offers new research scholarship


Brigid Veale
10 January 2005
Southern Cross University (SCU) and the World Purchasing Research Institute are offering a PhD scholarship worth $22,000 a year for three years.

The scholarship will be given to a PhD candidate to conduct research in the field of supply chain management.

Dr Dennis Howard, from the School of Commerce and Management, said the successful candidate would have completed at least four years of higher education and have research and/or professional experience in the field of supply chain management.

“Supply Chain Management is the new technology for matching the enterprise and its entire supply chain with the demands of competitive global positioning,” Dr Howard said.

“In the past business administration was internally focussed, but with a global economy enterprise success is determined by the capacity of the entire supply chain to meet customers’ needs through responsive product design, distribution and service.”

The PhD scholarship, which pays an annual tax free stipend of $22,000 a year, is designed to encourage research into the field.

SCU’s School of Commerce and Management is also offering a new Master of Supply Chain Management (MSCM).

Dr Howard said the post-graduate degree recognised the needs of management in the new globalised economy.

“Successful management in the past was focused on getting the enterprise organisation itself right, its culture, its structure and a focus on customer needs, and much has been achieved. Now, with rapidly evolving information and physical distribution technologies, the focus has moved to Supply Chain Management.”

For information about the scholarship or new Master of Supply Chain Management contact Dr Howard on 07 55069317, email [email protected] or write to Dennis Howard, Southern Cross University, Tweed Gold Coast campus, Brett Street, Tweed Heads, NSW, 2485.