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SCU researchers seek healthy males


Brigid Veale
12 April 2005
If you're a healthy male, aged between 30 and 55 and are a non-smoker, Southern Cross University would like to talk to you.

Researchers with the Australian Centre for Complementary Medicine Education and Research are seeking 10 men to take part in a four-week study testing the effects of the natural product, lactoferrin, on immune function.

The Australian Centre for Complementary Medicine is a joint venture between the University of Queensland and Southern Cross University dedicated to exploring the science of complementary medicine.

The study is investigating the possible benefits of lactoferrin, a protein found in milk and other body fluids such as tears, saliva, blood and white cells.

Researcher Ms Anne Mulder said this would be the first study of its kind in Australia to test the benefits of the protein in humans.

Lactoferrin is found in particularly high concentrations in colostrum, the first milk mothers produce. Studies have shown that it supports the digestive function in babies and is believed to support their immunity.

"It was isolated from milk in the 1960s and since then there has been work done in test tubes and in animals which show an improved immune response," Ms Mulder said.

"This study will be exploring the potential use of lactoferrin as an antioxidant, as an anti-inflammatory and its effect on modifying the immune system.

"Potentially it may be of use to people who need to boost their immune system."

Volunteers in the trial will be given a supplement to take daily for three weeks and will be required to attend clinics at Southern Cross University's Lismore campus and provide blood samples.

Anyone interested in participating should contact Anne Mulder on 66269485 or email [email protected]