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Volunteers for Herbal Memory Trial


9 February 2005
Volunteers to take part in a trial of a herb used in traditional Indian medicine are being sought by a researcher at Southern Cross University’s School of Natural and Complementary Medicine.

80 volunteers are needed to take part in the trial of the herb “Bacopa monnieri” popularly known as “Brahmi”, used in traditional Indian medicine to treat memory complaints.

Researcher Annette Morgan is looking for 80 people over the age of 55 who consider themselves healthy to take part in the trial, which will be held over 12 weeks.

“I’m testing different aspects of memory including short and longer term recall and verbal and visual memory and whether this herbal supplement has any measurable impact”, said Annette Morgan.

Annette Morgan is a lecturer in clinical studies with the School of Natural and Complementary Medicine and is undertaking the research as part of a Masters of Health Science degree.

The study involves three visits to the Southern Cross University Natural Medicine Clinic. In the first visit an initial interview will take place, lasting 45 minutes to an hour. If the criteria for inclusion in the trial are met, the participant will be booked in for a second appointment. This consists of a baseline memory assessment which takes one hour. Two tablets are taken, once daily over 12 weeks. Some volunteers will be taking the herbal tablets, others a placebo. At the end of 12 weeks another memory assessment is performed. The results will then be analysed.

The herbal tablets used in the trial originate from India and have undergone quality control screening by the manufacturer.

Those interested in taking part can contact the school on 66203155 or email Annette on [email protected]

For further information contact Helen Hughes, Communications Manager Southern Cross University, on 66203039, mobile 0418 431 484.