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Horsing around with noble images


Zoe Satherley
30 October 2006
Visual artist Jennifer Boyle has combined her love of horses and of early history, to create a unique photographic exhibit for Southern Cross University’s Exit 06 Visual Arts exhibition, opening at 5.30pm this Friday, November 3.

Jennifer, from Bangalow, is one of the 53 graduating students whose work will be on display at the University’s Visual Arts building, V Block, during the exhibition, running daily from 10am to 5pm, including weekends, until November 12.

“I got my first horse at 10 and have been enraptured with them ever since,” said Jennifer.

“Then I got a taste for Dark Ages and medieval history through the local re-enactment group, Rognvald Lith, who meet regularly in Lismore Park every second Saturday to do combat training, stage mock battles and do ancient crafts like smithing.

“Combining my love of horses with art, I was drawn to the equestrian paintings of medieval times as my inspiration. All my characters are derived from famous people who were portrayed in these paintings, such as Lorenzo de’ Medici. I had Anna Jol, of Dorroughby, who is a member of Rognvald Lith, pose for one of my images. She makes a great Joan of Arc!

“The series of large-scale sepia photographs being exhibited in EXIT 06 all feature ‘hobby horses’ as a replacement for real horses.

“My exhibit challenges the viewer to think about equestrian portraiture, which has always been a dramatic testament to the power, stature, or nobility of the individual depicted – but if we trivialise the horse, does the power still remain? Is the prestige inherent in the person, or derived from the noble beast?”

Photo: Southern Cross University artist Jennifer Boyle (in foreground) will exhibit this photograph (rear, featuring Anna Jol, of Dorroughby)as one of a series of equestrian portraits during the EXIT 06 Visual Arts exhibition.