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Art adds new dimension to nursing research


Brigid Veale
28 June 2007
A unique art exhibition based on research involving nurse and midwifery academics in Scotland, England and New Zealand will be opened at Southern Cross University’s Next Art Gallery on Monday, July 2.

Associate Professor Nel Glass, from the School of Health and Human Sciences, has put together the exhibition, titled ‘Hope – Through the Looking Glass’, of 19 images created during her ethnographic research project.

Professor Glass, a sociologist, who started in the nursing profession 35 years ago in Sydney, has researched extensively in the field of workplace practices and professional development for nurses, both in academic institutions and health settings.

The exhibition is based on 10 years of research on professional development, hope, resilience and optimism with nurse and midwifery academics.

“I’ve attempted to understand the experiences of being a nurse and midwifery academic and/or clinician – how they might be promoted and what strategies will support them in their university and clinical responsibilities,” Professor Glass said. “A lot of participants have put in place strategies to make their workplaces more constructive.

“One theme that is totally critical that comes out through the artwork, is the need to have a boundary to your work space.”

Professor Glass said in the world of emails and mobile phones distinct boundaries were not always possible and created problems for people in many professions.

The pieces in the exhibition evolved from sketches, to paintings and finally to digitally enhanced images.

“A lot of people who work in the health field can identify with creative art. It can be a part of a healing process,” Professor Glass said.

The exhibition will be opened by Professor Iain Graham, the Head of the School of Health and Human Sciences at the Next Art Gallery, Goodman Plaza, Lismore campus, at 5pm on Monday, July 2. The exhibition will run until July 12.

Photo: ‘Emotional intelligence – path of least resistance’ is one of 19 images in an exhibition by Professor Nel Glass, which opens on Monday, July 2.