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Bright future for Steve Price


Zuleika Henderson
10 November 2008
As well as representing Australia in the rugby league world cup, sports star Steve Price has been balancing his career with studying for a professional business qualification.

The Australian prop and New Zealand Warriors captain is completing the final stages of a Master of Business Administration (MBA) through Southern Cross University’s Graduate College of Management.

Steve said while the course had been a challenge, it was an important part of his long-term plan for the future.

“I’ve had friends in the rugby league world who thought that they would get a job after retiring from the game because of who they are and what they do, and they’ve ended up getting a shock,” said Steve.

“I’d love to be involved in the executive of the National Rugby League but the opportunities in the corporate field of the game are few and you need to be in a position to take them as they arise.

“Qualifications are important for that reason, and also for getting a job in the wider world.

“After I finish my career I may even get out of the game for a while to get some other experience before coming back – so I need to be ready for that.

“It’s been difficult to juggle everything, but the University has been flexible and I’m lucky to have a supportive family.”

Steve studies by distance education facilitated by the Manukau Institute of Technology in New Zealand where Southern Cross University’s Graduate College of Management offers its MBA and DBA (Doctor of Business Administration) through a educational collaboration.

Steve is in the process of completing the tenth of the 12 papers required for his MBA, but said his studies were already coming in handy.

“I’ve realised that business isn’t too different from sport –some of the things that I’ve learned on the course have been great for giving me a better understanding and confidence in everyday life,” he said.

“We did one of our papers on leadership, which was obviously helpful for me in leading a team and getting the best out of individuals.”

With his years of experience as a top rugby league player and an MBA under his belt, Steve Price is sure to be snapped up by the highest bidder when the time comes, but he says his league days are far from over.

“I’m signed for next year and I’m still enjoying it, so I’m not going anywhere for a while,” he said.

“I don't agree with these people who think you can only play up to a certain age.”

Despite the challenges of the course, he admits he may have developed a taste for studying.

“When you speak to some people they say that once you start you keep going back, and I see what they mean - I wouldn’t rule out further study.

“I’ve even been encouraging my wife to go ahead with some studies she’s been thinking about. Study is difficult but it’s like painting a room - if you don’t start you’ll never finish.”

Photo: Steve Price (high resolution image available on request)