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Gnibi hosts new book launch


Zoe Satherley
17 March 2008
Author Paul Ishiguchi has drawn inspiration from his many years living and working with Indigenous Australians in writing his new book - being launched at Southern Cross University on Wednesday, March 19.

A registered nurse and academic, Paul has also developed an Aboriginal health unit for the nursing program at Notre Dame University in Sydney, and written a research course for the Northern Rivers University Department of Rural Health, where he has been a lecturer.

Paul has chosen to launch his children’s book, Yearning to Go Home, at Southern Cross University’s Gnibi College of Indigenous Australian Peoples, because of his close association with Gnibi as an Indigenous Australian. The book is the first installment of a trilogy.

“Through my working life I have been exposed to various facets of Aboriginal health and wellbeing,” Paul said. “My journey has included experiences in community settings in metropolitan, rural, remote and traditional parts of Australia. These experiences have had a profound effect on me and have been translated into the stories and plays that I have written.”

Yearning to Go Home tells the story of a man’s journey in a harsh new world.

The central character, Ahthun, finds himself stranded in a place where he is a stranger. Taken in by the tribal Elder, he begins to learn the ways of the people. With a strong will to survive, he changes aspects of his life, precipitating a new way of being.

In time, Ahthun emerges as a storyteller of great wisdom, knowledge and foresight. He speaks of the challenges to come and the rewards of accepting change. This opens the hearts and minds of people, encouraging a new way of being and living, and giving hope for a better future.

Paul will be launching his book at Gnibi on Wednesday, March 19 at 11am. Members of the public are invited to attend. You can order the book from

Photo: Paul Ishiguchi will be launching his new book at Southern Cross University’s Gnibi College at 11am on Wednesday, March 19.