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Cancer treatment seminar to be held at University


Zoe Satherley
18 May 2010
Places are still available for ‘Protocols for Collaborative Cancer Treatment’ – a special health practitioner seminar being offered at Southern Cross University this Saturday.

The seminar is being presented by Ruth Trickey, ND, who for the last 20 years has provided supportive treatments for her patients in Melbourne while they are undergoing orthodox cancer treatments.

An adjunct senior lecturer at Southern Cross University, Ruth was a nurse and midwife prior to starting practice as an herbalist in 1980. She is director of the Melbourne Holistic Health Group, where she leads a multidisciplinary team of practitioners.

Ruth has written five books including, ‘Women, Hormones and the Menstrual Cycle’ and ‘Women’s Troubles’.

The ‘Protocols for Collaborative Cancer Treatment’ seminar is aimed at naturopaths and herbalists who are collaborating with medical practitioners and other healthcare professionals in the treatment of patients with cancer.

“In the seminar, we will cover the strategies which need to be adopted in order to explore the possibilities of naturopathic and herbal treatment for individual patients. We need to move beyond the non-specific generic advice usually given about the treatment of cancer,” Ruth said.

Through a discussion of ovarian cancer, Ruth will introduce issues relevant to the treatment of every type of cancer.

Topics include: incidence, identifying who is at risk; risk factors; identifying what will reduce risk of recurrence; and signs and symptoms.

“The protocol used at Melbourne Holistic Health Group will be outlined to inform treatment plans for women with gynaecological cancers, (this can be adapted to all types of cancers), and aspects of relevant case histories will be discussed to reinforce treatment points or goals,” Ruth said.

All healthcare practitioners, general practitioners and specialists are welcome to attend.

The seminar is being held on Saturday, May 22, from 10am to 1pm, at Southern Cross University, Lismore campus, in the new Health Clinic lecture theatre in P-block.

The cost for practitioners is $65 and for students $55. Attendants at the seminar can claim three Continuing Professional Development (CPD) points.

Contact Carla Robinson to book your ticket on 02 6620 3634 or email

Photo: Ruth Trickey, who will present a seminar on integrated care in cancer treatment at Southern Cross University this Saturday.