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Cara’s scholarship gets her closer to her dream job


Zoe Satherley
19 April 2010
Cara Bartlett cried with joy when she received her Norco Third Year Accounting Scholarship – part of the Rising Stars Scholarships program at Southern Cross University.

“I rang my mum and just cried until I could finally get the good news out,” an elated Cara said upon receiving her $5,000 cheque from Norco chief financial officer Cam Hogan recently.

Cara, from the Gold Coast, is studying for her Bachelor of Business with a double major in finance and accounting.

“Sometimes it can be a real struggle financially but I always make it through,” Cara said.

“I have been living on my own and doing it hard for quite a while, so the scholarship was a real boost. I have had to get by with just $30 a week after paying my rent and my student loan, which is not easy.

“I am working as hard as I can to get good grades and taking units in the third teaching session over summer so that I can finish my degree in two years instead of three and get out into the workforce. I generally study for around 10 hours a day.

“I would find the summer period quite long and boring without any study to do.

“My dream is to get into a top accounting practice. I have always loved maths and numbers and am looking forward to a well-paid career doing something I enjoy.”

Cam Hogan said she felt it was crucial for local business enterprises to support local university students.

“I have six accountants on my team and when a role comes up, I go Southern Cross University to see if they can recommend a replacement from one of their graduates,” Cam said.

“Three of my current staff have either graduated from Southern Cross University or are currently studying there.

“I think continuous learning is crucial to help you keep ahead of your competition. Studying should never cease. I went back to do my CPA as a mature age student.”

Photo: Cara Bartlett, from Mudgeeraba on the Gold Coast, who has just won a Norco accounting scholarship, with Cam Hogan, Norco's chief financial officer, fresh from a Shave For a Cure cancer fundraising event.