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Find out what your body language is saying about you


Zuleika Henderson
16 September 2010
US-based mediation expert Jeff Thompson will uncover the secrets of nonverbal communication at a free public seminar, hosted by Southern Cross University’s Centre for Peace and Social Justice, at the Lismore campus on Wednesday, September 22.

Jeff Thompson, who is a Detective and conflict specialist employed by the New York City Police Department’s (NYPD’s) Community Affairs Bureau, has experience in law enforcement, mediation, conflict resolution and interfaith work and will present ‘Nonverbal Communication: Practical Ways to Effectively Use and Understand Body Language’.

Outside of his police role Detective Thompson undertakes mediation, consultation and negotiation work as well as appearing as a guest speaker on conflict and communication skills at public seminars in Australia and the USA. He is a certified mediator with the International Mediation Institute and his work has been published in various conflict resolution publications in print and online.

Detective Thompson said understanding the science and the art of nonverbal communication was a valuable advantage.

“In the case of body language, I encourage people to ask themselves if they really know what messages they are sending, and give tips on how to observe and decode gestures to determine if others agree with them or not.

“Nonverbal communication also includes personal appearance and the tone of voice that you use – for example, it is estimated that 38% of communication is the ‘way’ that you say things.

“Finally I will take a look at environment – how surrounding space such as furniture, the room and the distance you use to communicate with others plays a role in conveying messages to them.

“I am looking forward to sharing my experiences and the research I have studied with everyone in a setting which i encourage audience interaction- so bring your comments and questions.”

Detective Jeff Thompson will present the free public seminar ‘Nonverbal Communication: Practical Ways to Effectively Use and Understand Body Language’ at Southern Cross University in Lismore in room U231 on September 22 from 1pm-2pm. The seminar will be video linked to Southern Cross University in Coffs Harbour and the Gold Coast. To attend RSVP to [email protected] or call 07 5506 9375.

Photo: Detective Jeff Thompson (high resolution image available on request)