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New book to help build the leader in you


Zuleika Henderson
6 April 2011
Self reflection, change management, communication and dealing with different cultures are just some of the essential skills highlighted in a new book on leadership.

Entitled ‘The Leader in You: Developing Your Leadership Potential’, the book is co-authored by Associate Professor Peter Miller of the Southern Cross Business School at Southern Cross University, and Associate Professor Carol Dalglish of Queensland University of Technology.

It provides a practical ‘self-help’ guide to assist leaders or anyone with an interest in self-improvement to take control of their own development.

"Most senior executives know the value of good leadership in their organisations and the difficulties faced by businesses and enterprises in developing their leaders and managers," said Professor Miller.

"Hundreds of millions are spent each year by organisations on leadership development in Australia, but mostly this expenditure is not as productive as it could be.

"In fact, over recent years, research examining leadership development has consistently shown that less than 10 per cent of the experiences leaders reported as ‘key events’ and ‘shaping events’ come from traditional education or training programs.

"This new book is in itself, a leadership development program which can assist people to take control of their own self improvement and can also be used to complement any leadership training program."

Professors Miller and Dalglish are acknowledged as two of the most respected leadership academics in Australia. Their leadership books have been used for many years by most Australian universities as prescribed text books for leadership courses, and are sold in Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, China, Papua New Guinea and throughout the South Pacific.

The book is Professor Peter Miller’s tenth – admitting him to the elite double digit book club.

"The process of self reflection is a major feature of the book and enables the reader to anchor their learning back to their own on-the-job experience and work setting," said Professor Miller.

"Through the use of well validated, self diagnostic instruments, readers develop an individual leadership and skills profile, followed by the development of a plan for leadership improvement.

"Coupling these outcomes with exposure to some practical skills will equip leaders with the tools they need to lead in every day environments."

Miller, P. and Dalglish, C. 2011, The Leader in You: Developing Your Leadership Potential is available from Tilde University Press (Palgrave Macmillan), Melbourne.

Photo: Associate Professor Peter Miller is the co-author of a new book on leadership (high resolution image available on request).